About Mieu Phan (Me)


I am a former corporate trainer, an international best-seller, an event host, and a speaker.

I started off my entrepreneurship as an in-demand corporate trainer in the tech industry during the dot-com bust and rocked it!

Later, I became a top-selling realtor during the housing-market crash.

I was extremely fortunate to have great mentors to navigate and support me during tough markets. I know first-hand the importance of having a great support system, and anyone (even with little experience) can thrive during tough markets.


The hardest times for me are to watch my peers get laid off or leave the industry entirely when I was to command high fees.

I strive to create that level of support for speakers!!

Thank you so much Mieu! Bless your heart first off for creating such a credible event! For free! I feel incredibly blessed to discover your Summit through eventbrite! On my journey of developing a stronger character, cultivating self & finding a community of nourishing phenomenal woman I’ve seem to be so lucky to actually have found just that! The summit was so full of so much information inspiration and encouragement! It really felt wonderful; I would say an out of body experience to hear so many great stories of the many resilient figures push forward delivering the great message that YOU CAN AND HAVE THE WILL TOO! To have a safe space to be vulnerable and open about my struggles and goals and be affirmed by other aspiring women that I am not alone. Pure gems, connections and great energy filled the room, I am so elated to have been and apart of that! Further more to follow up on those great connections join support groups and begin my new flourishing journey! Thank you so much Mieu! I feel honored, I truly look forward to another Thrive in Business Prosper in Life summit!


Victoria Jaunty Ogunyinka