Support Entrepreneurs
to Speak Authentically
on Stages, at events,
and at workshops


What I do?

Hi there!

My name is Mieu Phan.  I am a corporate trainer, author, and speaker.   Most importantly, I support entrepreneurs to speak authentically on stages, at events, and at workshops so they can live a prosperous life.  Imagine speaking in front of 50 to 1000 of your ideal clients at once.  Wouldn't you get quicker results!!

As a former computer consultant, I work on a done-with-you format to help you automate your process so you can speak every 2 weeks (if you choose to)

Raving Clients

Mieu has figure stuff out and might as well go to the source.  Words on that street is that organic outreach is hot, it's very hot.  Facebook ads are costing  more and more with more competition.  You really need to hone down on the messaging.

When Mieu started sharing her gems, my mind was like THIS IS SO GENIUS!

Carla Cherry

  • Former Executive Produce for Larry King

  • Sales Solutions Strategist for Coaches & Consultants

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I have over 40 years corporate experience where Social Media played an important part in my marketing efforts.  In 2012, I took a break from it.  It is no secret that social media evolves faster than a speeding bullet.  If you find yourself, as I did, lost not knowing which side is up or down (or as a new person), Mieu is the "Super-mathematician" to go to for such help.  Thank you, Mieu for making learning the basics, applying proven principles, and getting amazing monetizing result for my business so effective.

Luly MacPharlaine

  • Fear & Phobia Coach

  • Nurse of 45 years

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