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Grow Your Business From Strong Alliances

Let me tell you what I do!!

Mieu Phan supports entrepreneurs to create strong alliances.  Her mission is for those. who are willing to play a big game.  Mieu started two other businesses during the toughest times in the economy. 

She was a corporate trainer/computer consultant for large tech companies during the Dot-Com bust and was a top-selling realtor during the Housing Market Crash.  As a corporate trainer in her 20s, she was highly sought after while many in her industry were laid off.  As a realtor, she sold 4-5 homes per month with very little experience and was new to the area.


From her experience, Mieu learned the importance of creating strong connections with industry leaders.  After 15 years as a stay-at-home mother, Mieu has returned to the entrepreneurial world.  This time around she guide others to reach to the top.

Our Clients Say

"I have over 40 years corporate experience where Social Media played an important part in my marketing efforts.  In 2012, I took a break from it.  It is no secret that social media evolves faster than a speeding bullet.  If you find yourself, as I did, lost not knowing which side is up or down (or as a new person), Mieu is the "Super-mathematician" to go to for such help.  Thank you, Mieu for making learning the basics, applying proven principles, and getting amazing monetizing result for my business so effective."

Luly MacPharlaine

  • Fear & Phobia Coach

  • Nurse of 45 years

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